January 18, 2013

SAG: Conversations with Jessica Chastain

"If you do the work even though no one is watching, luck will eventually find you." -- Jessica Chastain

The quote above was the parting words Jessica Chastain gave to actors and SAG members who attended a Q & A with the award winning actress yesterday (Jan 17).  The event was sponsored by the SAG Foundation and was streamed live but fortunately for us, made available on their youtube channel.

I love hearing actors talk about their process and how they find their characters.  I don't know why but I just do.  Having heard her Golden Globe speech where she talks about struggling and fighting for roles, it's particularly interesting when you hear her talk more specifically about her first few years in the business and her big reality check when she moved to LA after Drama School ( around 20:00 min).  What is even more impressive is even in those years of constant rejection, she remained focused and constantly challenged herself, working on her craft even when no one was watching.  It makes you understand how she evolved into this extraordinary actress who is able to transform with every role.

In the Q & A clip, she also talks about getting her SAG card by being in an episode of ER back in 2004.  She played a girl who tried to keep her abusive father alive so he can feel pain.  Here is that episode:

And so, here she is again in yet another transformation for her movie MAMA which opens today, Jan. 18:


tomincmh said...

Well said. Jessica, especially, is really interesting to listen to. Love hearing her thoughts on her process and how she came to where she is now. So inspiring.

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