July 23, 2013

Cate Blanchett on Letterman

Woody Allen's latest movie, Blue Jasmine opens this weekend in NY and LA (you lucky folks!) so his leading lady, Cate Blanchett visited Letterman last night to promote the film.  I am eagerly anticipating this movie since I first heard about it last year and from what I hear lately, Ms. Blanchett is already getting early Oscar buzz!  How exciting!  Anyway, check out the very odd yet funny interview with Letterman last night. 

And for those who haven't heard of Blue Jasmine, it's mash up of Streetcar Named Desire and the Bernie Madoff story.  A story of a woman's change of fortune after her financier husband is disgraced.  She then is forced to turn and live with her sister in San Francisco.  Here's the trailer below:


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